Greensburg, Kansas received national news coverage when an EF-5 tornado devastated the entire town of 1600 residents. Missouri Storm Shelters, Inc., the leading safe room manufacturer in the United States, was selected to provide the Greensburg, Kansas school system and hospital tornado safe rooms. The shelters installed were 8' x 12' jumbos, each capable of holding 25 students, made of all steel construction.

Community Shelters

Commercial / Community shelters are designed with large capacities in mind. Following the strict guidelines set out by NSSA/ICC-500 and additionally the FEMA P361 guidelines, our shelters are designed and wind engineered to withstand in excess of an E-F5 Tornado. With sizes ranging as small as 3’x5’x6’4″ all the way up to 8’x24’x7’4″ we have you and your business covered.

What makes a good community shelter?

While doing research to find a quality community or commercial sized shelter there are a few things to look for to ensure the safety and security of employees.

  • A debris impact test
  • A Wind Engineer evaluation report (not to be confused with a stamped engineered drawing)
  • A third party quality control / quality verification company that ensures all guidelines are being followed

How our community shelters are constructed:


  • 35” door weighing 250+ lbs
  • 3 Hinges supporting over 1,000 lbs each
  • 3/16” thick steel construction
  • 3 one inch steel door latches (takes 48,000 lbs to bend & 63,000 lbs to break)


  • Inward opening door to prevent entrapment
  • 3/4″ anchor bolts set 13” apart to anchor shelter to slab (exceeds FEMA standard of 1/2” anchors spread 22” apart)
  • Each anchor bolt has 10,000 lb pullout and 14,000 lb shear off rate
  • Debris Deflectors cover open vents to prevent debris from entering shelter


  • Removable debris deflectors for emergency access to interior latches
  • Handicapped accessible door on shelters 4 ft wide and larger
  • Removable hinge pins for easy door removal
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