Concrete Storm Shelters

Our Concrete Storm Shelters Come In Many Designs. Listed below are some of their features.


  • Concrete poured at a minimum of 6,000 PSI
  • Rebar reinforcement in the concrete every 12” center to center on our below ground shelters; every 8″ on our above ground shelter
  • 4” thick walls
  • 8” Turbine vent & 6” capped vent for circulation on our conventional and flat-top shelters and 2 6″ capped vents on our above ground shelter with additional ventilation in the door


  • Interior debris deflectors cover the air vents
  • Pressurized gas strut for easier opening and closing of the door for our below ground shelters
  • Center safety latch allowing the door to be opened from the inside if outside is padlocked


  • Steel Door 30” Wide on below ground shelters and 36″ wide door on our above ground shelter
  • 5 Steel Steps With Anti-Skid Strips on conventional shelters with 7 steps on the flat-top
  • Interior Handrail on both sides of stairs
  • Exterior Handrail for easier entry for conventional shelters


Installation Information

What is included in your basic purchase price:

Taxes, Installation, & Delivery within 75 miles of our Nixa office

What is not included in your basic purchase price:

  • Digging the hole (Excavation)In most cases we can arrange to have this done for you at an extra charge
  • Back-filling
  • Rock-Breaking
  • Hauling dirt in or out
  • Landscaping
  • A fuel surcharge may be required for some installations depending on your location

If you choose to dig your own hole or hire your own excavation company, please contact us for correct dimensions and instructions.

Installation Photo Gallery