Liberty Safe Authorized Dealer

Liberty Safe is the leading gun safe manufacturer in the industry and have been building their safes in the United States since 1988. They offer customers the quality, security, and reliability that can be expected from an American company. One of the most popular features of a Liberty Safe is that of their LIFETIME TRANSFERRABLE WARRANTY. What makes it so attractive is that it can be transferred to a new owner making your old safe seem brand new leaving its new owner with the same peace of mind that led you to purchase in the first place. If the safe is ever damaged in a fire or attempted break-in, Liberty is there to make it right, and we’ll be here to assist you every step of the way. This only adds to the value of your safe making it not only a great choice, but a great investment.

Should you find yourself in the market for a new gun safe but aren’t quite sure exactly what you need, feel free to call or stop in to our office and speak to our staff. We will be more than happy to help guide you into the right safe for your needs. We offer access to all of Liberty’s gun safe lines in select finishes and will work with you to ensure you’re getting the “best built safe on the planet.”

Choosing the right safe can be a difficult process but, even more than that, is ensuring you have the proper team to assist you if something goes wrong. Stronghold is proud to be on the front-line to assist you when if the unexpected occurs. We offer dealer support to aid in the process of combination retrievals, lock changes, combination changes, accessory upgrades, assistance in warranty replacements, and much, more.

Here at Stronghold we aim to provide you with the best price we can offer. That’s why our safes are discounted 10% off Liberty Safe’s already low web retail pricing. In addition to offering you 10% off, we provide free curbside delivery (see associate for specifications) within 75 miles (additional mileage may incur a fee) of our Nixa office. If you are needing special delivery inside your home, we can recommend a licensed and insured safe mover so you never have to lift a finger. To make it and even better deal yet, we’ll even cover a portion of his fee to save you time and effort. Need financing? We offer 0% interest for 1 year (w.a.c.) see associate for details.

Stronghold has been protecting families for over 11 years with quality-verified storm shelters unmatched in the industry. It made perfect sense that we would look to provide the same quality and unparalleled products when it comes to protecting what you and your family cherish most. Whether its irreplaceable family photos, history-rich heirlooms, or your favorite deer rifle, Liberty Safe was and is the clear choice. THE ONLY CHOICE. We decided we didn’t want to sell safes. We wanted to sell peace of mind, and no matter what Liberty Safe you choose, that’s exactly what you’ll get.