Trilogy Safe Room
(US Patent Protected)

For those looking for top-of-the-line quality, safety, and security, look no further. Missouri Storm Shelters is proud to offer it’s exclusive triangle shaped safe room, the 3-in-1 Trilogy Safe Room. This recently patented design offers the functionality of a Panic Room, the safety of a Tornado Shelter, and the security of a Walk-in Vault. Its exclusive 5-corner construction makes it THE strongest and most efficient Safe Room ever released to the market. Jeff Olsen, our founder and CEO, says:

“We are very proud to bring this exclusive product to the market for the first time. It has been many years since a patent has been issued for a Safe Room in the U.S. We think the revolutionary concept of a triangle shaped Safe Room, specifically designed to fit in garage corners while saving space for vehicles, will be a winner for consumers and home builders all over the country.

The really exciting feature of the Trilogy Safe Room is its 3-in-1 functionality. It can simultaneously be a Panic Room, Tornado Shelter, and Vault. Customers that desire a multi-purpose Safe Room that can provide personal security in the home, protection from destructive weather events , and the ability to secure their valuables will value the functions of the Trilogy Safe Room.”

The versatility of the Trilogy Safe Room makes it the world’s most unique safe room ever produced. The revolutionary design and exclusive features creates a brand new industry category.

The panic room function of the Trilogy is ideal due to its bullet-resistant metal, tamper-proof internal hinges, and solid steel interior bolts making it virtually impenetrable from the outside.

The Trilogy as a tornado shelter is resistant to wind debris in excess of 250 +, exceeding what an EF-5 tornado can produce. The shelter exceeds FEMA, ICC-500, and National Storm Shelter Association industry standards making it America’s best rated certified safe room.

The walk-in vault component of the Trilogy is achieved by utilizing the built-in maximum security locking system when away from home and protecting valuables.


“The United States Patent #D735,352 grants to the person having title to the patent the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the design throughout the United States of America or importing the design into the United States of America for the term set forth by law.”


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